Screen readers / Text-to-speech

Screen readers / Text-to-speech

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Having your course materials read aloud can be helpful if you have impaired vision or a learning disability such as Dyslexia, but you may also just prefer to consume information this way, or it may better suit your learning style and compliment the reading you have to do.

Your device probably already includes tools to do this for you. Here are some guides on how to get started:

Windows 10 - Hear text read aloud with Narrator

Apple devices – how to set up VoiceOver on:

iPhone / iPad / Mac

Android – Use Select to Speak

If you just want a simpler solution, you can also either add the Read Aloud browser extension that adds a button you can click to read out the contents of your web browser screen, or use your browser’s built-in features to read webpages aloud:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

Safari: go to edit > speech > start speaking

If you have any questions about this, please do get in touch.