If you have a query about:

  • completing the requirements of your assignments
  • your learning materials
  • assignment feedback

Please contact your tutor via Moodle Messenging.

If you have a query about:

  • accessing Moodle or you are struggling to upload your assignment
  • there are any changes in your circumstances
  • difficulties with your tutor, for example your tutor has not responded to a query

Please contact Housing Academy Operational Hub, often referred to as the Hub, at If the matter is urgent, you can speak to one of our course administrators Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm on 024 7685 1789.

If you have a query about:

  • how Moodle materials are displaying
  • a broken link

Please complete the Technical problem feedback form and we will resolve the problem.

Head office

Suites 5 and 6, first floor,
Rowan House,
Westwood Way,